The blog posts below are Bret Bicoy’s ramblings, rantings, and musings on philanthropy as excerpted from his published works. He writes regular columns in the Peninsula Pulse and Door County Living, as well as for other publications from time to time.

Go Fraud Me

A newborn baby in Milwaukee needs a heart transplant so a family “friend” sets up a page on a crowdfunding website to collect donations to help care for the child. Unfortunately, the sick child’s parents had no control over the website and all those contributions made by the community never reach the family. A wifeContinue reading “Go Fraud Me”

Philanthropy Supporting Business

There’s a fascinating shift going on in modern philanthropy. Many of our nation’s most ingenious philanthropic institutions are broadening their focus. Rather than limiting themselves to awarding grants to nonprofit organizations, foundations are increasingly recognizing that the entrepreneurial spirit is an invaluable tool to achieve their goals for the community. As a result, these charitableContinue reading “Philanthropy Supporting Business”

Why I’m All Wet

There are few things I disdain more in my professional life than fundraising gimmicks. Charities should do good work then share the impact of their efforts with their donors. That’s how you build a strong and enduring donor base. So imagine my surprise when my wife and I agreed to get all wet as aContinue reading “Why I’m All Wet”

Community Philanthropy

“Participation is the new endowment.” With the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation’s release of a report titled “The Value of Community Philanthropy,” a panel discussion of experts was convened to discuss the issue. It was there that I came across this quote from Janet Topolsky. As the Director of the Community Strategies Group at the AspenContinue reading “Community Philanthropy”


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