The blog posts below are Bret Bicoy’s ramblings, rantings, and musings on philanthropy as excerpted from his published works. He writes regular columns in the Peninsula Pulse and Door County Living, as well as for other publications from time to time.

Curing Donor Fatigue: The Search for Fulfillment

Giving, at its highest levels, is gratifying for the donor. I have seen it for myself countless times during my two decades working in philanthropy. The words “joy” and “pleasure” come to mind, but they don’t quite capture the experience. The most generous people I know give back because it’s incredibly fulfilling, as if philanthropyContinue reading “Curing Donor Fatigue: The Search for Fulfillment”

If You Think Money Can’t Buy You Happiness Then You Don’t Know Where to Shop

Research psychologists have long documented a causal relationship between individual wealth and personal contentment. In other words, the consensus among scientists is that money does indeed buy happiness. Intuitively, this makes sense. Having a certain degree of wealth makes it easier to overcome the stress of many of life’s challenges – stresses which presumably leadContinue reading “If You Think Money Can’t Buy You Happiness Then You Don’t Know Where to Shop”


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